Our firm recently emerged from the trenches of a multi-party commercial litigation case involving a Miami Beach business debacle – a partnership dispute over a restaurant situated in a Miami Beach boutique hotel. Our client, an E-2 Investment visa holder, initially came to us after losing everything in a failed investment, due to fraud acted upon him. His partner and other complicit individuals deceived our client, even going so far as to as to create and encourage the signing of a fake lease. What began as a seemingly promising business opportunity in a flourishing business resulted in the total loss of our client’s investment and a full out litigation.

The client came to our firm with a strong will to get back the money that had been wrongfully taken from him. We were confident that we could fight on his behalf to recover the funds taken by means of unjust enrichment, breach of contract, and fraud in the inducement. We worked tirelessly and last month the case was finally brought to trial, culminating in a combined verdict and settlement sum of over one million dollars.

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